Physical Education

There is a well-planned physical education program, supported by a Physical Education Specialist, which allows all children the opportunity to take part in daily fitness and regular sport activities.

The major events that Beldon Primary school students will be participating in this year are:

  • Beldon Primary School Faction Cross Country
  • Oceanside East Interschool Cross Country 
  • Beldon Primary School Faction Athletics Carnival 
  • Oceanside East Interschool Athletics Carnival 
  • Beldon PS have 4 factions and children experience the joy of healthy competition when competing in events for the factions throughout the year.

Our factions are:

Red - Waitj (meaning Emu)
Green - Karda (meaning Goanna)
Blue - Yonga (meaning Kangaroo)
Yellow - Nyngarn (meaning Echidna)

Beldon PS also offers a FREE Running Club for all students in Years 3 to 6. Sessions are run twice a week by a Level 2 Athletics Coach and our Phys Ed teacher. They focus on a variety of running drills and are wonderful opportunity for children to improve their technique, fitness and agility with FREE specialised training. For more information, click HERE.

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