School Uniform

2020 Uniform Price List


Dress Code

The wearing of school uniforms is school policy.


The uniform shop is located to the south side of B Block in the parent room. Both new and second-hand uniforms are available.


The shop is open one afternoon per week, currently Fridays from 2:30 – 3:30pm.


If you are unable to make the uniform shop’s opening hours, uniform order forms are available from the office. If orders are submitted to the office with the correct monies, the uniform will then get delivered to your child’s class. Items designated on the current “School Uniform Order Form” constitute the dress code. In summary this is:


Light Blue Polo Shirt
Navy Blue Zipper Jacket or Jumper
Navy Blue Cargo Pants or Tracksuit Pants
Navy Blue Leisure Pants


Light Blue Polo Shirt
Navy Blue Shorts
Navy Blue Skirt
Summer Dress
School Hat


Sports Uniform
Navy shorts or skirt and faction colour polo shirt (red, blue, green, gold) school hat and sport shoes.


NB: A “No Hat, No Play” policy operates September through May.

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