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Time of arrival at school
At Beldon Primary School we encourage children to arrive at school after 8:20am. Children who do arrive before this time are to come directly to the atrium area and remain there until they are released at 8:20am.


Drop off and pick up arrangements

Parents are expected to use the parking available in Pacific Way, Gradient Way and Nautical Grove when dropping off and collecting their children. The staff car parks of both, Beldon Primary School and Beldon Education Support Centre, are strictly for staff and Dental Clinic visitors only. If needed, there is also ample parking behind us at Woolworths and where possible, we encourage families to walk to school. The City of Joondalup Rangers do patrol the area so please familiarise yourself with their school parking rules so as to avoid a fine.


WA regulations state that parents must ensure their child attends school. When children are enrolled in the school, admission and family cards are prepared. These include addresses and phone numbers in case of emergency. Please ensure that this information is kept up to date. Birth certificates and immunisation cards need to be sighted on enrolment. Legal custody arrangements need to be shown to the Principal and kept up to date.


Parents are required to provide a written explanation each and every time their child is absent from school. Parents can notify the school of an intended absence by sending a text message detailing their child's name, reason and date of absence to the school. Please email us to receive this number for future use. Alternatively, a note explaining their absence and stating the day(s) on which the child was absent should be given to their teacher on their return. A medical certificate may be required to explain prolonged absences.


Leaving the school grounds
Children are not allowed to leave the school grounds without permission from the school and parent. Before taking children out of the school during school hours, the accompanying adult is required to collect an acknowledgement slip from the office.

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