School History

The construction of Beldon Primary School commenced in 1984 and was competed in 1985, with the official opening held in 1986. Children had to travel out of the suburb to attend school until it was built.


In July 1992, the school was awarded a certificate of merit for its design by the Buildings Management Authority. Judges described the school, which is built on a steep site, as ‘an innovative concept, well carried out and providing a very good quality, school environment’. The school opened for grades Pre-primary to Year 6. Mr Norman Guillet was the first Principal along with one Deputy who also taught Year 5 full time.


The school was built in 2 stages; the Admin area, A Block and B Block began mid 1984; then C Block, the library, canteen and under-covered area commenced October 1990. Before the second stage was built, the Art Specialist took lessons in the B Block wet area and the library was located in what is now the uniform shop. The P& C had to raise the funds to erect covered walkways so that the staff and students were protected from the weather when walking between blocks.


The tennis courts were used by the local community on weekends and before C Block was built, the area which was bushland was a favourite place for students to collect goannas, bobtails and other interesting creatures. Some children even found them in their bags on hot days.


The school emblem of a banksia was chosen in 1985, taken from the large amount of banksias that grow around the suburb. A competition was run for students to write the school creed. The winning entry and Creed, which we still use today, was written by Midaela Cresswell in 1986.


Over the years, the staff and student numbers have risen and fallen with the demographic changes that occur within the suburb. But from the first turn of the soil in 1984, to the current school as it stands today, Beldon Primary School has seen more than 1,400 children pass through its ranks. With its Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, nature play areas, specialist programs and state of the art facilities, we will continue to see an ever evolving learning environment for the children of Beldon.

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