At Beldon PS, we strongly believe that effective communication with our community is vital. For this reason, we offer a variety of ways for you to be kept informed and connect with us. These include:



Beldon PS have a dynamic website which we strive to keep up to date with any information that may be useful. Here you will find photos, news on past and upcoming events and links to forms or policies you may need. If there is something you would like to access on here but cannot find, please let us know via email at and we will endeavour to include it. 



Beldon PS hosts an official school Facebook page. We utilise this page on a regular basis to communicate information to our community, as well as to celebrate the many exciting events that happen at our school. If you haven’t already started following us, head over to and click Like today.


Also on Facebook, you will find several parent run groups such as active Community and Uniforms group. These groups can be a useful tool for staying connected with other families in the school. Whilst every effort is made to ensure page administrators’ protocols are in line with our school values, please remember that all authorised information will come via our official School page.



Beldon PS utilises Connect for parents and students. Connect is an integrated, online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. Connect is linked to a child throughout their entire public education schooling. It provides a seamless way for schools to inform and communicate with parents and provides a unique way for teachers to deliver content. Students can access digital resources and engage in their learning from home or school anywhere, anytime.


This short video clip demonstrates the wide range of possible uses within Connect. Please visit our Connect page for further information and instructions to setup if you require.



Beldon PS strives to keep parents informed about upcoming events. Information is kept up to date on the homepage of our website under Event Quick View. Events can be clicked on for further details. Alternatively, a LIVE Calendar of Events is available via the Term Planner Quick Link on our homepage.




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