Beldon Running Club

The Beldon Running Club is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:40am - 8:30am. It is important that the children are punctual in order for the training group to warm up and commence training as a group. Please aim to arrive at 7:30am.

The Beldon Running Club is open to students from Years 3 to 6. Children who are in Years 1-2 need a parent to be responsible for them as the activities are structured for Year 3 - 6 students. The sessions will be run by Kath Brooke-Smith and myself and will involve specialised coaching focusing on a variety of running drills. Kath is a Level 2 Athletics Coach and it is a wonderful opportunity for the children to improve their running technique, fitness and agility. It is important that your child attends regularly in order for gains to be made.
It may be a good idea to pack some extra fruit for your child to eat before going into class.
Thank you for your support.

Elliot Reid

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