At Beldon PS, we are always looking for ways to teach the students sustainable living habits. There are many recycling stations outside the Library for items like Nespresso pods, batteries, oral care waste products and ring pulls from cans. Thank you for your support with this. Our ring pulls tub is almost full and Mrs Buzza will be delivering to Wangara very soon. Please keep your contributions coming in.

The students from C Block have just added a new recycling option. They will be collecting bread tags to support the Bread Tags for Wheelchair charity. This is a really simple way to help make a difference as these tags cannot be recycled through kerbside recycling. 200 bread bags full of bread tags = 200kg which when sold, makes enough money to build one wheelchair. Click HERE for more information.

In addition, we have begun collecting plastic lids from bottles, including milk bottles and UHT cartons (HDPE number 2), to support a company called Greenbatch. They are recycled into items such as gas pipe and composite decking. It is helpful if the foam inserts can be removed as they are sorted by hand.

Please help us support these causes by bringing any of the above items in to school and placing them in the appropriate tubs outside of the Library. Thank you for assistance.