Our Learning Blocks

As you know, we recently changed the names of our Learning blocks as we focussed on the importance of Aboriginal Culture. Our blocks are named after the three gifts that were provided by the Waugal (also spelt Wagyl and Waagal) during the dreaming.

The Waugal created the waterways throughout Perth and the South West, and gave three gifts; land, family and knowledge. After we decided on using the creation story as a basis for naming our blocks we had to choose which of these names to give each of them.

Boodjar (the land) is the name of the junior block, as in the dreaming the land came first. The middle block is named Moort, meaning family, as the people came after the land was formed. Moort, family, are at the heart of Noongar culture. Kaartdijin (knowledge) came to the people and over time it continues to grow and be passed on. The senior block is named Kaartdijin.

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