2020 C3 & C4 Cockman House Incursion

This year due to COVID-19 restrictions, Cockman House is staying closed so we were unable to visit the house. Lucky for us though, we were able to use modern technology in the form of video conferencing to conduct a virtual incursion with a museum representative.

It was interesting for the students to learn how people used to communicate a hundred years ago compared with the electronic devices of today. The students learnt all about the history of the house and were shown each room of the house including the washroom.

The huge cart the family used for transport was a big discussion point as was the scary outback dunny! 

Mrs Dickson borrowed wooden games and toys from the Wanneroo museum for the students to play with in the afternoon. The students enjoyed playing old fashioned hopscotch, knucklebones, skipping, skittles and making wooden peg dolls. Thank you to the parents who came and helped out on the day.

For more photos of the incursion, please click HERE.

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