2019 School & Sport Councillors

Congratulations to our recently announced, 2019 Year 6 Student & Sport Councillors.

Congratulations to 2019 Year 6 Student and Sport Councillors. 

NyngarnRosy S (B4)Jaxon G (B3)
YongaEden S (B3)Riley H (B4)
WaitjChloe H (B4)Ruari G (B4)
KardaAmerie R (B4)Chad W (B3)

Brayden A (B3)Ella B (B4)Jett F (B3)
David G (B4)Jesse G (B3)Camille H (B4)
Kaleah I (B4)Maeve N (B4)Euan O (ESC4)
Jasmine W (B4)  

We are very proud of you all and know you will provide a great contribution to Beldon Primary School throughout the year.

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