Container Deposit Scheme

Beldon PS Containers For Change scheme ID: C10293544

The WA Government's new container deposit scheme commenced across WA on Tuesday 2 June, 2020. The scheme will promote recycling, improve the environment, reduce waste going to landfill, and help create jobs.


A 10-cent refund will be payable on each eligible beverage container (aluminium cans, glass and plastic bottles, LPB juice and flavoured milk packs) returned to a refund point. Scouts WA has established a new social enterprise, Scouts WA Recycling, that can help our school raise funds by providing an easy and convenient collection and refund service.


You can help, by either depositing eligible containers to our new blue recycling bins located behind the Kindy building, or using our scheme ID number when depositing at any of the four refund point depots across the Perth metropolitan area.


Containers placed in kerbside recycling and commercial waste collection bins give the refund to the commercial waste industry. Putting your eligible containers in a Scouts WA Recycling bin here at Beldon PS, will ensure our school receive the refunds and reduce the volume of commercial waste removal.

The Scheme is an opportunity for our school to raise funds through refunds on drink containers already in your waste, and encourage kids to participate in an environmental and social initiative.


Please click HERE for a list of eligible containers.


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