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School assemblies are held every second Friday from 8:40am until approximately 9:30am in the undercover area. Classes take turns in preparing and presenting a class item in their assembly. Parents, friends and extended family are encouraged to be present to view and share in the class item and other school presentations. Parents are notified of their child’s up-coming class assemblies through the school newsletter.


School Certificates of Merit and other awards are also presented at assemblies. Letters are sent home to parents to inform them when a merit certificate is being presented to their child.


2018 Class Assembly Dates


Semester 1

Student Councilor Assembly - Friday 23 February

B3 Class Assembly (Excellence Awards) - Friday 13 April

A3 and A4 Class Assembly - Friday 11 May

C4 Class Assembly - Friday 8 June

Beldon Speaks Assembly - Thursday 21 June

School Assembly (Excellence Awards) - Friday 29 June


Semester 2

B6 Class Assembly - Friday 27 July

C3 Class Assembly - Friday 10 August

C6 Class Assembly - Friday 7 September

C1 Class Assembly (Excellence Awards) - Friday 21 September

B4 Class Assembly - Friday 19 October 

A3 and A4 Class Assembly - Friday 2 November

Pre-primary Class Assembly - Friday 23 November 

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony - Thursday 6 December 

Awards Assembly (Excellence Awards) - Monday 10 December


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